Review: We Make Movies

What better use of a summer is there than making a film? We Make Movies follows a group of college students through their highs and lows in an attempt to do just that, for their town’s film festival. Written, directed and starring Matt Tory, as well as: Jordan Hopewell, Zack Slort, Johnathan Holmes, Anne Crockett, Matt Silver, Josiah Finnamore and Valerie Tory.

Using the ever growing style of mockumentary, the film starts strong with Tory’s Stevphen and his overflowing ego, and of course that is not a misspelling but his genius idea that when asked if it is spelled with a v or a ph, he can simply say both. It perfectly sets the tone for the film’s comedy, while the character’s opinion of himself may definitely lean towards the more pretentious, the humour certainly does not; it is very much human and real without needing extra frills. Hopewell as Donny, the loveable and devoted friend who as usual, does not get quite the same loyalty in return but makes for a fun character, if not the sharpest tool in the shed. The double act of Tory and Hopewell is a large aspect of the film but the two of them work together utterly well and it would be hard to imagine the two not being very good friends. Adding them together with Holmes, Crockett and Slort, they may not always be the perfect team as characters but they are a great bunch to watch work together on screen.

But that’s missing the main theme, a dedicated love of film is bursting through We Make Movies; watching them, writing them, acting, directing and every aspect possible is adored and it is without doubt a love letter to film-making. It has a charm that’s almost a blend of the home movie colleagues Greg and Earl in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and the beloved series The Office (both UK and US versions), it is in no way trying to be perfect Hollywood, it’s down to earth. The result of that is a film made to be enjoyed by people who clearly loved making it, it’s the care and positivity that went into it that gives it a fantastic team spirit, that’s surprisingly heart-warming. There is also however a treasure trove of pop culture references to famous film which is another bonus for all movie lovers.

It’s a film that’s funny, entertaining and lovingly made; this is a tribute for cinephiles and those who are directors, actors and writers whether literal or at heart. It’s a huge team effort and it is clear how much they wanted the film to be made and revelled in making it. An indie film making a statement about how much they love indie film while paying homage to some blockbuster classics.

Verdict: 7.5/10

You can find out more, buy or rent the film right here!


  1. Thanks for the review, dude! Twas a blast to make and I’m super proud of Tory for making something this awesome!


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