Review: An Acceptable Loss

Written and directed by Joe Chappelle, while working with a ruthless, steely-willed political veteran (Jamie Lee Curtis), top national security adviser Libby (Tika Sumpter) signed off on a controversial military action that was supposed to end the war on terror. An action that was taken under false pretences and resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians; four years later, Libby risks her life to expose their lie. Also starring: Ben Tavassoli, Jeff Hephner, Deanna Dunagan, Alex Weisman and Clarke Peters.

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Review: Bullets of Justice

Written and directed by Valeri Milev and co-written by lead actor Timur Turisbekov, during the Third World War, the American government creates super soldiers by inbreeding human being with pigs, but 25 years later this new race of “Muzzles” have taken over. Ex-bounty hunter Rob Justice (Turisbekov) is tasked with finding out how they came to power and destroying them. Also starring: Danny Trejo, Doroteya Toleva and Yana Marinova.

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Review: The Best Laid Plans

Written, directed and starring Michael LiCastri, three recent college graduates are struggling to find work, when one of them finds out that he and his family are about to be evicted and that an old classmate recently won the lottery, they decide to kidnap him for a share of the winnings. Also starring: David Plowden, Keith Surplus, Brian Ballance, Edwin Neal, Linnea Quigley and Yvelisse Cedrez.

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