Review: Paul Laurence Dunbar: An American Poet

Written and directed by Kane Stratton, 40 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, America had yet to reach her promise to all citizens. So the day had come when a prolific writer and poet called to the world, he reminded us all that we ought not lack our most sacred virtues: compassion and sympathy. Starring: A. Slate, Timothy J. Cox, MyJoy Filer and Tanner James Brown.

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Review: The Dutch Boys

Written and directed by Marco van Bergen, Viktor van der Valk, Marc Wagenaar, Jordi Wijnalda and Kasper van Beek. A married factory worker confronts his feelings as they bubble to the surface, two boxers fight for more than just keeps, a countryside coming out doesn’t quite go to plan, while at the beach a boy makes an unreal discovery. Starring: Gijs Blom, Bas Keizer, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Tom van Kessel, Kay Greidanus, Tine Joustra, Julian Moon Snijder and Milan Boele van Hensbroek.

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