Review: Trillo & Suede – The Case of the Gefilte Fish

Directed by Kat Holm and written by lead actor Jonathan Geffner, Trillo and Suede are a ventriloquist and dummy detective duo based in Brooklyn NY, an alluring, mysterious woman, Fiona Fatale (Bex Odorisio) appeals to the detectives to find out the identity of her cheating husband’s lover. Also starring:, Hassan Farrow, Sabrina Geffner, Marc Lubbers and Josephine Pizzino.

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Review: I Am Mary

Directed by Sheila Nortley and written by Kay I. Jegede, the arrival of a mysterious stranger compels a protective mother to confront the demons of a distant past, and embrace the opportunity for a hopeful future. Starring: Colette Dalal Tchantcho, Raksha Hoost, Amaziah Benard, Dean Louis Browne, Dimitris Kafataris, Christian McIntyre, Femi Oyeniran, Orlando Parker and Oscar Salami.

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