Review: The Story of 90 Coins

How much is a promise worth these days? An aspiring fashion designer finds out when she has to choose between fulfilling her promise and realizing her dream. Directed by Michael Wong, written by Bai Xuedan, and starring: Jose Acosta, Dongjun Han & Zhuang Zhiqi. An entire love story in 10 minutes but will it be a happy ending or will hearts be broken?

There’s a haze that falls The Story of 90 Coins, a sentimental cloud covering the lens and showering the film in sentimentality and it is rather enjoyable. Though don’t misunderstand, this is not a story of all smiles and happiness, relationships are never easy, even fictional ones. Our leads start out with a picturesque romance, quite literally when considering the great work done by Liwei Jian, making each location look almost perfect and ideal which is visually fantastic.

Romance films in today’s world often meander, they find themselves walking in circles before finding their real direction or revealing themselves for what they truly are, and while sometimes it can be successful, rather often it is mediocre. This film, in its brief run time, puts those middling drawn out romances to shame, managing to cover a story with an entire, satisfying plot in a mere 9 minutes. It’s a classic choice of story, it will not redefine love stories as we know them but what it does have is something rather refreshing, a simple moral that sends a clear message without becoming muddled, how much is a promise really worth? Exploring the idea of how hard we really try to keep those big, lavish, romantic promises we make to those we love.

The Story of 90 Coins has love, hope, doubt, fear and endeavours to explore as many emotions as it can fit. It’s almost a feature condensed into short form, done well and doesn’t feel rushed or lacking which is vital. The film is shot well, written with sentimentality without being overly saccharine and has clear direction, a solid romance.

Verdict: 8/10

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