Review: Kopy Kings

Written and directed by Greg Dorchak, set in a 24-hour copy centre in Austin and following the bunch of misfits that work there, as their lives are disrupted by a new hire at the same moment that the owner comes to town, only to reveal he is selling out to corporate America. Starring: Kira Pozehl, David Moxham, Darrell N. Mitchell, Patrick Arnez, Joe Bunner, Diana Rose, David Blackwell, Ammie Leonards and Frank J. Kim (as well as Dorchak himself).

There is a very good reason why workplace comedies can be (and in this case, is) utterly watchable, their relatability and Kopy Kings immediately grabs that quality and runs with it. As we gradually get introduced to our misfits, each has their own individual personality and flaws. It does feel slightly strange at first to have such an American film with an English lead, although that is certainly no complaint, Moxham as Dan is a good match for Pozehl’s Maggie. It does not take long before the classic will they, won’t they begins and although it is undeniably a well used feature of comedies, in this setting it’s a case it certainly still works. A huge benefit is that each character has something different to add, Dorchak’s Mike being a particularly memorable addition, one that just goes to show how much enjoyment went into making the film and it does benefit from that, giving the film a care-free yet confident tone.  

The antics and interactions with the strange and very particular customers of Kopy King are some of the most fun moments to watch, as well as being additions that keep the film moving at a good pace, there’s no lag at any point and it runs smoothly from start to finish. There’s also a few choice elements which give a little extra to both the comedy and the plot in general, all of which should be viewed in the film and will not be spoiled here but there will be unexpected occurrences. The film also vitally prevents itself from falling into the frequent trap of romantic or workplace comedies, being too over the top or even camp; for its entirety it sticks to being funny, character driven and light-hearted.

This may be a highly populated genre but Kopy Kings manages to avoid being predictable, and do not underestimate the weight of that task, it’s not easy and all credit to Dorchak for making a film with its own amusing eccentricities. All said, at its most simple, this film is easy to watch, funny and entertaining.

Verdict: 8/10

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