Review: 5 Greedy Bankers

A heist film following two victims of greedy bankers who decide it’s time to enact their own special kind of revenge against the 5 most responsible and despicable. Directed by Simon Davison and starring: Ramon Tikaram (Fortitude), Pippa Haywood (Scott & Bailey), Tim J. Henley, Hermione Halpin, John Bowe, Richard Dixon, Julia Barrie, Pip Torrens, Simon Slater and Mark Meadows.

A first impression of the film feels as though it is almost a hybrid, it could even be compared to the love child of The East and Snatch, with maybe a touch of The Big Short. As the former analyst turned shut-in alcoholic, Catherine Stone (Haywood) is enticed by the offer of free alcohol to a somewhat strange shop with an unusual assistant, she soon realises she was drawn there for a very specific reason and agrees to help. The set up is clever and a great way to begin, especially with the energetic and charismatic Fidel (Tikaram) taking the lead and so the master plan commences, entailing the revenge and humiliation of those who helped the banking crisis come about and stood back as people lost their houses and jobs while the big bosses kept lining their pockets. At this point it is probably good to point out that while the political views of the film are at the forefront, it gives a strong message but at the same time does not override that it is a heist film and does not feel like it is pushing the political side of things too much. 

The pairing of Haywood and Tikaram is amusing to watch, their characters form a slightly unusual double act which gives the film a great banter and humour to it. As each step of the plan comes into force there is some well thought out punishments that will get you laughing. Things take a more intense turn as the film enters its latter half and the risks start to pile up, making the plan slightly more dangerous. The humour may take a slight back seat but the story ramps up and draws you further into the story before executing a satisfying finale.

Watching rich, entitled and greedy bankers get their comeuppance involving pigs, magnets, cake, cats and seduction is clever, funny and entertaining; especially for those with a disdain for the big bosses and their bonuses. 5 Greedy Bankers has that perfect Brit spirit, it’s got a great story and cast and of course the necessary iconic London images. It’s relevant, it’s fun but has a strong point to make, and well worth a watch.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Don’t forget you can buy or rent 5 Greedy Bankers for a steal (pun intended) right now and make your own verdict!

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