Review: Essex Spacebin

Written and directed by David Hollinshead and Philip Thompson, Lorraine Willy (Lorraine Malby) is a middle-aged woman who believes there’s a lost portal to another world in Essex, she seeks to conquer time and space but will she be proven wrong or vindicated? A Troma Entertainment production that’s certain to be like nothing you’ve seen before. Also starring: Caryl Griffith, Iain Stuart Robertson, Gill Nunns, Emily Wyatt and both the films directors and writers.

As unconventional heroes go, Lorraine is pretty up there with the best of them, it’s not often a middle-aged woman is given such a role but here she is in all her glory, well perhaps not glory but eccentricity, definitely. It’s clear quickly, or even simply after you’ve read through the synopsis of the film, that there’s going a significant element of mental illness and there are many different ways you could interpret that theme in film but this is a much more unusual one. Unusual because it feels much more of a crazy and unique adventure than it does an illness, you won’t watch while wishing for Lorraine to get help, you’ll be anticipating whether or not she’s right and if there is a portal.

As you learn more about Lorraine, her strange beliefs and the people around her, it becomes about as insane as you’d expect from the title and synopsis, if not more. The use of metaphors and imagery are coming from far outside the box and out of nowhere quite constantly but they’re hilarious, it’s hard to fathom how someone could come up with so many but they’re in there. The weirdness is strong with this one, you can never quite guess where it will end up or how it’s going to get there, but there’s a real enjoyment to that, with many films of late the predictability is at an all time high but Essex Spacebin does not have that problem at all. Amongst all the craziness there is surprisingly a coherent story, you’d think all the madness of it would make that difficult but you’ll see character backstories, explanations and flashbacks, all of which help to keep things moving and not going off the rails.

The film almost feels like a combination of mental illness and Total Recall, it’s completely unique, unusual, funny and creative. It’s an unpredictable adventure with an unconventional heroine, it’s entirely new, has its own strong personality and is vehemently British.

Verdict: 7/10

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