Review: Will Reading

Wendy (Katie Weigl) is preparing to host an evening at her home for friends, during which they will read an addendum to her dead husband’s will. Her husband’s twin brother (Jamie Insalaco), his college roommate (Dan Conrad) and friends (Greg Vorob, Marc Seidenstein) all attend to find out exactly what Will left them. Is there enough to change their fortunes? Can they learn to work together as friends? The very idea of money changes everything. Written, directed and of course, starring Jamie Insalaco.

As each character in turn arrives, it soon becomes fairly obvious these aren’t exactly the most suited of friends, sarcasm and bitterness take their rightful place in the comedy as things get interesting. A group of people getting together to discuss a dead friend, brother and husband’s will doesn’t sound like it would be much of a goldmine for comedy but it works surprisingly well, while things start off innocently enough it has much more in store than you’d expect. The comedy feels reminiscent of American films of the 1980s with a slight element of slapstick, it does become silly at times but it’s fun to watch.

A great thing about the film is that it feels aware of what it should be, it’s not trying too hard to be clever or sophisticated, it’s something to have a good time with and that looks like everyone involved would have had a great time making which is always a bonus because that energy comes through on screen. The story definitely has a few surprises for its audience that are extremely enjoyable, one particular musically inclined surprise is brilliant to watch and the whole plot is put together very well to give audiences much more than your average simple comedy. There’s also a great cast involved, you probably wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to be friends with any of the characters but that has a lot to do with the wonderful performances they all give. The film doesn’t spend too much time on one character, everyone get’s their moment, making it feel much more of a team of actors rather than lead and supporting which works really well for its type of comedy.

Overall, it’s an entertaining and fun comedy which has plenty of surprises; it will make you laugh but it also has a great story and some fantastic over the top, silly moments that are really enjoyable. Will Reading is a great example of indie filmmaking, not letting itself feel restricted by a small budget and really doing the most with what’s available; it’s also Jamie Insalaco’s first directorial feature which definitely deserves a lot of credit for what he’s achieved with this film and hopefully you’ll see his next film reviewed here at Film Carnage too.

Verdict: 7.5/10

And you can check out the trailer right here

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