Review: Hot Pursuit

hot pursuit

This is a little bit late, but nevertheless; having been in no rush to see this one being unsure of it, I had read a fair few reviews before I saw it so my expectations were not high to say the least. I was expecting some awful jokes and ridiculous behaviour and that is what I got but not in a bad way. It was clear from the trailer what sort of film this was intending to be and it was certainly not hard-hitting or serious, it was an over the top comedy intended on being entirely silly. A story of an over-eager police woman (Reese Witherspoon) ready to prove herself, whose given the task of protecting a drug-lord’s accountant’s wife (Sofia Vergara) whose life is put in danger ahead of appearing in a trial against the big boss.

Many of the reviews I’d read gave some sort of description which made it out as if this film was some sort of lame attempt at a new Thelma & Louise, this is a ridiculous comparison pure and simple, it’s a comedy it is not two ladies on the lamb taking things too far and getting into more trouble than they can handle, they are both women and the law is involved that’s the only similiarity. If I were to compare it to anything, which I do not generally do, I’d say this is an attempt to recreate the relationship between Bullock and McCarthy in The Heat, two opposites throw together that have to learn to get along. The jokes are what you’d expect and entirely ridiculius but yet they are still funny, it’s not going to do any favours for women any time soon but with hundreds of silly cop movies with leading men, we’re due a few headed by the ladies. I surprisingly found myself entertained throughout with no real slump in the humour, the jokes may be obvious but they still land and that’s what really matters. It’s some light entertainment in world full of serious films, nothing wrong with that.

Although other than Witherspoon and Vergara there isn’t much more in the way of characters to bother with, they’re fairly forgettable. The only exception being another big screen turn for Robert Kozinsky previously seen in Pacific Rim but possibly best known from his role in EastEnders, he may not be given too much to do in the film but his attempt at comedy is not completely terrible. Generaly speaking our two leading ladies make a good team, for anyone who follows either of them on twitter or instagram it would be guessed that during the publicity tour the two did generally get along and perhaps not just faking it for the cameras but then again who knows the lengths people will go to these days to advertise a film.

If you’re looking for a dry-witted or clever comedy this one is not for you, it is purely to have a laugh and not have to really think about it so if you’re looking for something as a little light entertainment with some popcorn/sweets/pop/wine/beer whatever takes your fancy then this will probably do the trick.

Verdict: 6/10

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