Review: Girls’ School

Directed by Lee Mi-Mi and written by Chiu Hsui-chuan, Chih-Ting and Chia-Lin, two students at a girls’ high school, have been close friends for years. But their relationship comes under intense scrutiny when their classmates start a rumour that they’re a lesbian couple. Starring: Tien Niu, Shen Yan, Chou Dan-Wei and Chin Han.

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Review: The Third Solar Term

Written and directed by Zhanfei Song, shortly after The Third Solar Term of the Chinese Calendar (the Awakening of Insects), Qizhe returns home to spend his spring break with his mother. After meeting a man who he originally met online, he begins to lose control of his double life – one which is living true to himself, and the other, which is pretending to be the perfect son. Starring: Fengyi Xing, Zhu Zhu, Le Duo and Renzhuo Bai.

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Review: Coalesce

Written and directed by Jessé Miceli, in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, there are three young men. Songsa came to help sell clothes, Thy wants a motorcycle but doesn’t have the money and Phearum drives a taxi, but there is no way to pay off his debt. What is the fate that lies before those who have to pursue money and dreams in a difficult reality?. Starring: Eang Phearum, Sek Songsa, Rom Rithy, Nicól Bear and Vann Lek.

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Review: What She Likes

Written and directed by Shôgo Kusano, co-written by Naoto Asahara, Jun is a high school boy concealing his homosexuality. One day, he meets Sae, a female classmate and closet Boys Love comic fan, the two become close until one day, Sae confesses her love for Jun. Starring: Fûju Kamio, Anna Yamada, Oshiro Maeda, Ryota Miura, Tôko Miura, Daichi Watanabe and Tsubasa Imai.

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