Review: Man Under Table

Written and directed by lead actor Noel David Taylor, set against the backdrop of a comically surreal and anachronistic LA, a beleaguered young man tries to write a movie but instead gets pulled into everyone else’s projects as he hallucinates his way through a bizarre indie film scene. Also starring: Ben Babbitt, Danny Lane, James Canto, Robert Manion, Alisa Torres and Frank Perry.

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Review: Jacinto

Written and directed by Javi Camino, a robust adult with the mind of a child lives with his ageing parents, the last inhabitants remaining in an isolated rural village in the Galician mountains. When a couple of young girls arrive to take residence at an abandoned house in the village, Jacinto becomes convinced that they are vampires. Starring: Pedro Brandariz Gómez, Miro Magariños, Amancio Becerra, Anxela Baltar, Corinna Rautenberg, Pilar Miguélez and Juanma Buiturón.

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Review: The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

Written and directed by Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri, in 1971, due to the world premiere of Death in Venice, Italian director Lucino Visconti proclaimed his Tadzio as the world’s most beautiful boy. A shadow that today, 50 years later, weighs Björn Andresen‘s life. Also starring: Annike Andresen, Silva Filmer, Riyoko Ikeda, Margareta Krantz, Ann Lagerström and Jessica Vennberg.

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