Review: Unsinkable

Directed by Alan Corcoran and Peter Grogan, following Alan Corcoran’s unprecedented length of Ireland – 500-kilometre – sea swim for charity. With the stunning backdrop of Ireland’s wild coastline, the story unfolds to show the succession of challenges faced during such a monumental undertaking. Exploring one person’s journey through grief, using the swimming project to channel the negative emotions into a meaningful adventure.

It takes a very specific mentality to have a desire to take on such a monumental and physically demanding task but thankfully you don’t need to have that in order to enjoy watching someone else take it on. It’s beyond easy to be taken in by the story at work here, to watch someone quite literally throw themselves into a trying journey, one that’s not only its own reward but is achieved out of love and honour for their father. It’s emotional, sincere and has a wonderful pattern of facing a problem and overcoming it without being disheartened, adapting and compromising. That tone brings with it a positive, motivating energy, forever acknowledging each obstacle and moving forward. You keep expecting the next push to set things on edge but it never does because its perspective is so committed and encouraging.

A lot of that is helped to come to life with the directorial style which consistently plays things down to earth and in the moment. There’s a great balance of seeing it from the current and past perspective, showing how they felt in the moment as well as reflecting upon what it meant for the journey as a whole. There’s an open and kind personality to the way that it moves but at the same time it holds a superb amount of weight. The progression, score and atmospheric landscape shots help to set up a satisfying and emotional patter. One of the great things about Unsinkable is that it also constantly acknowledges that this is not a one-man-band, there’s a team for practical, logical and emotional support. It’s lovely to see it not become laser focused on director, subject Alan Corcoran but to take a wider view of everyone who helped him through the journey.

Due in no small part to the wonderful charisma and generous spirit of Corcoran as he leads viewers through this gargantuan challenge. He brings a very relatable and sympathetic personality which makes for smooth sailing when following a test of strength and will that was nothing but smooth. As well as the fact that each and every location adds immense value, perhaps with the exception of the inside of the boat which is accurately portrayed as uncomfortably tight quarters. The open water and picturesque coastline are always going to be enjoyable to watch taking over your screen.

Unsinkable is a sincere and emotional story of resilience and determination, all packaged in admiration and honouring the memory of a lost loved one. Following Alan Corcoran as he faces constant obstacles and rises above them creates an extremely positive and kind viewing experience. Corcoran and Grogan’s directorial style makes for a grounded atmosphere then adds an extra depth with the help of the score, pacing and editing. It’s a wonderful lesson in fortitude, support and charitableness which is also very enjoyable to watch unfold.

Verdict: ✯✯✯✯ | 8/10

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