Review: Love Lives

Directed by Brett Chapman, this short documentary follows different individuals giving their thoughts on love, its existence, how it happens, if it happens and their experience with it.

It’s easy to tell very quickly how personal this documentary is, the director narrates and features in the film, including viewers in the process and giving that extra touch to its sincerity. That choice means it also has a strong personality and a vivacious energy, it keeps moving forward, from person to person and they each have a different story to tell but the overall theme is extremely strong.

It’s a slight shame that there weren’t more subjects, as with two of the few being the director’s own family, it doesn’t feel as though the search went too far, but it is still a good mix of opinions instead of everyone agreeing with one another. It’s an interesting blend of stories between believing love is purely a physical reaction, or the only true love is having a child, or the moral conundrums it can conjure. It’s done in a simple style of talking heads but with a much more relaxed and personal manner that makes the audience feel a lot more a part of the experience. 

In the end, the style and narration give it that rom-com feel, that the director is so enamored by, it’s very clear how far their influence on him has gone. It’s fun, sweet and a very lovely way to spend 13-minutes.

Verdict: 7/10 – ✯✯✯1/2

But you can judge it for yourselves by checking out the short doc below!


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