Review: Terry Kendall and Orange Green

2011 Short Film written and direct by Meg Skaff, whose follow up short Linda LeThorn & the Musicbox is reviewed here. Young Terry Kendall’s (Brit-Charde Sellers) life is thrown out of whack when she discovers that she’s being followed by the creepy, Orange Green (Timothy J. Cox).

As soon as the outlandish and severely put on, Southern accent that is the film’s narrator begins, the tone is set for a ridiculously natured nod to the nightmare that is, working in retail. What would you do when faced with an unusual, creepy encounter everyday, at the exact same time, being asked the same question? Would you assume there’s something amiss or would you brush it off as a strange coincidence and a weird gentleman? Perception can make all the difference.

Sometimes a dose of simple humour is exactly what’s needed, which is what Terry Kendall and Orange Green achieves; it’s so obvious in its comedy that subtlety is completely unnecessary and would only jeopardize the fun. There are still a few odd choices of direction and editing present, plus the severely low resolution visual (even for a film made 7 years ago) but these are minor issues that can be overlooked. What you will find, is another appearance from Timothy J. Cox, a regular in our short and indie reviews, you can find the other reviews of films he’s appeared here. With this particular film, he proves that he can be someone you wouldn’t really want to find yourself in a dark alley with, purely because of how disturbingly creepy he is, perfectly portraying the classic white male predator we see so often in film and television, one you know to avoid but has the possibility of turning out to be either a normal guy or a serial killer. Sellers‘ Terry goes through a lot for an 11 minute film, starting out as such an overtly positive person, we can’t surely believe anyone would be that happy to go to work?! Moving slowly through to the cynical, paranoid and obsessive person, in serious need of a drink; very much a sympathetic character simply trying to traverse the often difficult world of…other human beings.

Simple, funny, easy to watch and entertaining, without need for excess or flash. A wonderful exaggeration of an average moment working in the horror of customer service.

Verdict: 8/10

Make your own verdict by watching Terry Kendall and Orange Green for free below!

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