Review: Kinnari

Written, directed and edited by Christopher Di Nunzio; looking for an escape from life, a man rediscovers a beauty that holds the key to his enlightenment. Starring: David Graziano and Jamie Joshi. You can find a review of Di Nunzio’s 2016 feature film, Delusion here.

The first thing you’ll undoubtedly notice about this short film is the distinguished sharp visual that greets you with its crisp black and white; a clear, concise narration sitting perfectly atop it. As you delve deeper and follow with Graziano‘s narration, it begins to feel like a form of anti-establishment slam poetry, whether that is positive or negative is certainly very subjective. However, there is a disadvantage in the form of a lack of emotion in the one and only voice that we are privy to, for the most part it’s fairly matter-of-fact, someone reading a given script and comes across rather juxtaposed to the epiphany message that the film is trying to put across.

The idea of a beautiful woman who is being watched and followed from afar does feel outdated and almost uncomfortable, but making a conscious choice to view this as a metaphor, rather than a physical presence, seeing “Kinnari” as a manifestation of the protagonist’s imagination, does offset that issue to a certain degree. Especially with trying to portray a mythological figure in the female form, which lessens that initial discomfort. Moving back to the more positive aspects, the location choices of the film were well made, each adding to the already fantastic visual that you’re being presented with.

The significant issue overall purely comes from the lack of emotion, for a story which is trying to portray a very deep and personal moment, it cuts itself off at the knees by using a monotone voice with such a minimal emotive range. Kinnari is well meaning but sadly not backed by enough to give it the gravitas of what it’s attempting to be. It’s a step in the right direction for filmmaker Di Nunzio but there’s still more work to be done.

Verdict: 5/10

But of course, you are always encouraged to make your own verdit and Kinnari is available for free right now below and you can follow the film on Facebook here.



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