Review: Love or Lust

Directed by Christian Belz Parenteau and starring: Simon Boisvert, Julia Dawi, Bruce Dinsmore, Jillian Harris, Diana Lewis and Isabelle Moreau. Ditched by his young girlfriend, a middle-aged man reconnects with his long-lost college sweetheart. 

Love or Lust opens on a classic scene, following a long winding road with the sun beating down and natural beauty to behold but unfortunately that is a fairly lonely highlight for the film. Though the set up is a simple mix of romance and drama, the film doesn’t manage to make use of that, quite quickly it’s clear that there is a severe lack of convincing emotion. The characters come across on screen as having little connection and it is driven in no small part, by the lead Mark (Boisvert) being portrayed as a man with very little emotional maturity. The story follows a plot which feels as though it should practically be teenagers experiencing it, rather than people over the age of 40; being quite persistently petty and childish.

Regrettably, that is the lion’s share of the film, there’s some additional sexism, an abundance of clichés, a lack of emotion or even a slimmer of humour. It’s a heavy handed attempt to follow a man amidst a mid-life crisis, that is rather unsubtle and old-fashioned.

Verdict: 3/10

You can watch the trailer for Love or Lust below:

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