Review: Fugue

It’s about time to catch up with some new Short Film! The film in particular? Fugue, written, directed, shot and edited by Adam Renkovish. A woman (Brittany Renee Smith) finds herself in the midst of a dark mystery after the unexplained loss of a loved one.

From the moment the film opens, it presents itself with a very strong, almost poetic atmosphere, that’s not quite mysterious and yet retains that curiosity, leaning towards a thoughtful ambience. There are questions to be answered, the biggest of all being whether you will indeed learn any of them, or if they will forever hang in the air, to be forever pondered? But you’ll have to wait and see the film to find out.

Fugue dips its toes into a dark world without ever jumping in, tempting a surreal almost supernatural state but remaining sufficiently grounded in reality. A particular factor that helps that curiosity and secrecy, is a well composed score which blends perfectly with the tone of the film, courtesy of David C. Wright and Arianna Cunningham. Smith’s acting is, undoubtedly, another leading factor to what unifies the different elements of the film, pushing a more dreamlike state and very much appearing to have as many questions as the audience, creating a great connection.

Of course the title is no coincidence and it well portrays a dissociative manner and a duplicity from one moment to the next. It’s atmospheric, poetic and beguiling, a well made and scored short film.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Watch the trailer now:

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