Review: Precious Moments

Directed by Roger Glass, written by Joseph Sorrentino and starring: Chris Garritano, Leila Lopez, Danny Plaza and Corrine Sorrentino. The film follows the aftermath of an accident and a brief, difficult moment in time between father and daughter.

As the film opens, you’re thrown in at the deep end: blood, tools and a surgery suite, whether it should be disconcerting is yet to be determined, is it saving lives or evil experimentation? Though of course, having read the synopsis, you will be acutely aware that it’s the former. It is a slightly jarring opening but improves with context. After quickly moving onto the centre of the story, potential loss of life, grief, worry and love; it’s heartfelt and that comes across clearly but it doesn’t quite hit hard enough to create a genuine emotional response.

The root of the weaknesses of the film don’t feel like missteps, they seat the film in a student type atmosphere, a showing of potential and the beginning of more to come. The story itself is rather simple, there is an attempt at more depth but with time restraints it struggles to get to the forefront. The film does have a slight edge of being road safety propaganda, which is not to be quickly dismissed as it is a particularly important message, to not text and drive but it does limit the effectiveness of the film. Although this is improved by a decent on screen relationship of father and daughter from our lead actors, although they do similarly reflect that student atmosphere, with the acting requiring more work before it can become strongly convincing.

Overall, Precious Moments feels like a stepping stone, a film that is letting its film-makers work out their style and strengths, in a show of future potential rather than a realised one. There’s work to be done but what’s been attempted here, is still a valiant effort.

Verdict: 5/10

You can watch the film for yourself right here:



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