Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

The iconic Brit returned again last year and this week on DVD, with the help of original director Sharon Maguire who brought the old gang back together, with the exception of Hugh Grant. The series didn’t do itself any favours with its second outing, it gave them a reputation more to chick flicks than actual comedy, the third was a chance to turn that around. Bridget is back and this time right in the middle of embracing her career, finds herself pregnant with the only problem that she’s got a 50/50 chance of correctly guessing the father.

It’s forever strange that such an iconic British character be in the hands of a Texan and yet here she is, the role is hers entirely and she shows that strongly again with this film. She’s as lovable as always, embracing her imperfections and it’s a blend of nostalgia and genuine enjoyment to watch, 15 years after the first outing. But before you get to the pregnancy, there has to be the new love interest, Jack played by Patrick Dempsey and an extremely well written pair for Bridget. Dempsey has great chemistry with Zellweger and an entertaining rivalry with returning Firth’s Mark Darcy once it becomes apparent she has no idea which of them is the father.

As to be expected, once the story gets going things do become slightly ridiculous and overly coincidental but that’s not to say it isn’t fun to watch because it is, it’s well written and will keep you laughing throughout. The spirit of the original film is well and truly intact and resurrected with this film, you get the classic London landscapes, outrageous behaviour and romantic dilemmas that define Bridget Jones. There’s also some emotion thrown in for good measure, watching as she tries to juggle being pregnant and figuring out who is the father, who she wants to be and who she wants to end up with is actually more meaningful than you’d expect, it isn’t an entirely empty rom-com.

There’s not much you really need to delve into with this film, asking the simple question of is it worth watching? And it’s simple answer, yes it is because it’s fun, entertaining, funny and yes fairly silly but there’s nothing wrong with that every now and again. Of course it will still inevitably be thrown into the category of films for females but regardless, comedy is a diluted genre these days and you’re lucky if 50% of the time you find something consistently funny but Bridget Jones’s Baby manages that with ease so it shouldn’t be discarded, it should be enjoyed.

Verdict: 7/10

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