Review: Satan’s Blood

The 1978 Spanish horror written and directed by Carlos Puerto, following a young couple who are tricked into entering a sinister house where a coven of devil-worshippers await them. Starring: Ángel Aranda, Sandra Alberti, Mariana Karr and José María Guillén. One of many films from the 70s that centred around an obsession with the occult.

The opening scene is what could be described as a crude awakening, it’s rather a poor choice; it starts the film off on the wrong foot, had the scene ended up on the cutting room floor, it would definitely benefit but sex is a key theme so if you’re not okay with that, you’ve stumbled onto the wrong film. After which however, we’re introduced to the film’s lead couple, just your average man and wife out for a nice walk with their dog, until that is they’re driving back home, another car pulls alongside them with two people they don’t appear to know and yet they know them. Things become even more mysterious after that, it follows a cardinal rule of horror, if relative strangers invite you to an undisclosed location, in a remote place and you follow them, things will not go well for you but just how badly they’ll go is yet to be decided.

As our naive couple unaware of what’s ahead of them arrives at the rather large and lavish house, the audience are treated to what is the strongest aspect of the film, the sets are almost unbelievably well put together and add a lot to its scenes, the actual rooms as well as the fantastic set dressing detail. But this where things begin to take an even strange note and where the actors are put to the test, can they give a convincing reaction? For the most part the answer is yes, there are some weaker moments but they don’t distract from the film overall. What can be described as distracting is the directors tendency to heavily lean on sex and nudity as part of the film, it seems as though the actors spend as much time naked as they do clothed and there is not one or two but several scenes of characters fondling breasts which feels like more what the director wanted to see than anything relevant to the film. It’s mostly unfortunate because it’s time that could have been used to fill some of the massive plot holes created but we are talking about 70s cinema, an era where most women were simply put in films to take their tops off and this is the perfect example of the classic horror, sleaze combination; it isn’t aiming to be the best horror film ever created, it’s aiming to entertain.

It’s one of those horror films that will make you want to shout the classic phrases at your screen like “Don’t go in there” and “Just run away” and as well as being packed to the brim with nudity, it has a decent story behind it that will make you want to watch for more than just the naked women. For fans of 1970s horror, this is definitely one to watch, there are some strange things going on and you’re going to want to find out why.

Verdict: 7.5/10

If you want to check it out for yourself, head over to:

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