Review: Night Job

An independent feature following a young man on his first night as a temp doorman; a night full of run-ins with residents, con-men and bootleggers. Written and directed by J. Antonio, starring: Jason Torres, Bettina Skye, Timothy J. Cox, Lester Greene, Greg Kritikos, Brandon J. Shaw, Morgan Paige, Vincent Ford, Sofiane Madi and Larese King.

As the film begins, in the classic black and white with a few jazz tones the night starts off in a peaceful and hopeful manner, James (Torres) is ready and optimistic for his new job. It doesn’t take long before the night gets interesting, starting with an unusual story about one of the other doormen, followed one by one with encounters with a whole host of different, often irritable characters. With each new person who enters the film, there’s a million possibilities of what could happen and it leaves your curiosity peaked as you wait for everything to either explode, make you laugh, be kind, suspicious, or basically anything. It would be almost a spoiler to single out some of the strong personalities that appear throughout the film, they should be enjoyed while watching but safe to say there are plenty to enjoy (but keep an eye out for Timothy J. Cox as Mr. Jones and Sofiane Madi as Chris).

In some ways, James almost feels like an alternate, modern version of Tony Revolori’s Zero from The Grand Budapest Hotel, eager to help but slightly naive and inexperienced; he has good intentions but as time passes it begins to feel like this perhaps isn’t the job for him. You’ll slowly build up a sympathy and maybe even slight affection for him, the classic nice guy looking for a nice girl, although you definitely won’t be envious. It’s a good old fashioned melting pot of unique individuals, that’s fascinating to watch and a good example of how the night can bring out some odd personalities. The choice of using black and white works extremely well, it gives the story the air of a classic New York tale, focusing closely on the interaction rather than the hustle and bustle or distractions just classic oddballs and a young doorman. The writing also makes sure that there’s some surprises in store, some that are particularly pleasantly unexpected.

It may not make you want to actually take a night job anytime soon but it’s an interesting and captivating film, with a creative mix of characters, clearly made by a good team. It’s great to see such a mix of actors coming together in one story, each with something different to add and enrich the film. Night Job will draw you into a world in which you never quite know what will happen next, in the best of ways.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Check out the teaser right here:

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