Review: Breathe Easy

When strange clouds begin to gather over major cities, their citizens begin to change and the world becomes a much more dangerous place. Those outside of the cities must stay safe and protect themselves against what may be coming. A large scale independent film made by over 20 different directors, in over 10 different countries.

Spanning from the UK to India to Canada to South Africa, the first thing you have to admire is the film’s collaborative spirit, it certainly is not often at all that you see so many different film-makers from different corners of the world coming together to make 1 story come to life. A story that is a perfect choice to involve so many different countries, a global panic because as is quite obvious from most disaster or invasion films, we often only see one country, one group of people during an event that’s much bigger but not this time. As we’re introduced to each various character, they all have one thing in common, something ominous and unavoidable is on the horizon, quite literally, but neither they nor you watching really know what it is or why it’s here. It’s the staple of a sci-fi disaster film, creating the intrigue to find out what it is and usually to want to see it turn people into homicidal, raging maniacs, the latter may be slightly more morbid but come on, admittedly most people enjoy watching a little chaos every now and again.

The slightly surprising aspect of the film is once we move past that immediate sense of doom, events take a turn for the comedic and almost becomes something akin to a hybrid of Independence Day and Shaun of the Dead. The laughs are interspersed between moments of fear and distress, a balance which leans more heavily towards comedy but when you think you don’t have long to live, why take everything too seriously? The mix of styles means that there’s a little something for everyone, whether you prefer the more dramatic or the more sarcastic. The only downside being that with so many different characters, each with their own unique experience of this dangerous worldwide phenomenon, the focus and majority of time does tend to be spent on their reactions rather than enlightening us on what the mysterious meteor really is; although that choice does keep the mystery going strong.

Breathe Easy is a fantastic example of international film-makers coming together, collaborating on an epic scale to make something fun for a wide range of audiences. It’s a huge blend of styles and atmospheres but they all successfully merge together to form one multifaceted story.

Verdict: 7/10


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