Review: The Bruvs

A series of animated short films for adults following the misadventures of East End brothers Doug and Den, a couple of criminally inclined gents who try to go straight in the modern world but tend to fail. Produced by Ian Brown and directed by Eoin Clarke.

Straight away from watching any of the dozen short films you can see the blend of classic British humour and modern day-to-day life, of course with characters like Doug and Den, geezers hailing from Essex, any of type of humour wouldn’t make sense. The films themselves are equally a blend of modern and old-fashioned, using classic animation with a little bit of modernisation thrown in. The characters are of course something that’s been seen plenty before but it manages to avoid coming off as outdated or predictable, it takes something much used and adds a slight freshness to it.

It’s certainly simple humour, with the lengths writers go to in modern television and cinema to make comedy clever, subtle and complicated, it’s always nice to go back to basics and that’s what The Bruvs gives you. Even though parts of the films you can see coming a mile off, it still has a few surprises to throw in there which is enjoyable. There’s a good mix of violence, comedy and a little irony in scenarios that you mostly know are going to go wrong but are still fun to watch. Things get a little sketchy when the series involves its only female character, pushing slightly too hard on the cliché and stereotypes of an Essex girl but it does fit with the almost spoof quality to the series. It might find more of a male audience in general but there’s definitely plenty for female viewers to enjoy too.

The Bruvs is a collection of quick and effective entertaining animated short films. The classic British sense of humour mixed with criminal characters that are typical testosterone fuelled men, is a nice throwback to a simpler time of comedy; and the choice of using classic animation rather than more modern is enjoyable to watch.

Verdict: 7/10

Watch the first below or click here to check out the whole series:

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