Review: Sisters

Having been a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler fan for many years now, I have to say that since Baby Mama was released in 2008 I have been waiting for their next feature together and now here it is; so admittedly there’s a large bias towards these two fantastic ladies. This time around Fey and Poehler respectively play Kate and Maura Ellis, sisters who learn that their parents are selling their childhood home and decide to spend their last night in style. Inviting all of their high school friends and one intimidating drug dealer (John Cena), things don’t go smoothly for too long. The idea of a party that goes epic and insane is not normally one filled with 40 somethings whose usual idea of going a little crazy is probably staying up past 10, but surprisingly you’ll find that they may be a little older but they still know how to get somewhat messed up. With an amazing cast of comedy favourites, from Maya Rudolph as despised enemy of Kate to Rachel Dratch as worse for wear Rachel to Ike Barinholtz as James A.K.A man candy for Maura; not forgetting that their parents as played by none other than James Brolin and Dianne West. As strange as it might feel for me to say, of course there are plenty of people that will have very little awareness of Fey and Poehler with the majority of their success being state-side but for those among the Brits that have ever watched Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation, you will be familiar with why in their home country they are comedy royalty (and if not then I sincerely recommend that you go check those out). That lack of awareness may be what makes the film not resonate with some people as much as others, being knowledgeable in their style of humour is a key to higher enjoyment of the film, though it certainly does not take away from the fact that it is hilarious in it’s own right.

Where many other comedies may just make this a movie about some crazy antics and one hell of a party, Sisters takes it a step further and actually creates characters with more to give and a story to go along with the laughs. Written, and based on the childhood of, fellow SNL writer Paula Pell who again may not be a familiar name or face to a lot of Brits but she knows how to write comedy without a doubt. The story is one of the underdogs, yes their ridiculous and highly entertaining behaviour throughout is of course at the forefront but behind that there’s just two sisters who both need to learn a few things and grow to live their lives to a fuller extent, one who has to become more responsible and one that needs to become a little more selfish.

The laughs are constant throughout the entire film, and with a slightly longer running time than your average comedy (coming up on 2 hours), you’d expect to hit a lull at some point but it doesn’t happen. The relationship between Fey and Poehler is undeniable, these are two women who have been friends for over 20 years, both a success in their own right but put the two together and the chemistry is fantastic, beat after beat playing off each other to create satisfying comedy. It’s a decent mix of sarcasm, insults, wit, childishness, sexual and physical comedy, anyone who ever said women can’t be funny never came across these two ladies.

Verdict: 8/10

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