Review: Ant-Man

Ant-Man had a little controversy during filming with key members being shuffled most notably the removal of Edgar Wright being replaced with Peyton Reed, giving it a little extra buzz and adding to that which already comes from being the newest addition of films to the Marvel hero clique. Of course this isn’t your typical super-hero and technically what’s super is the suit but what makes this more different is that our hero is just a down on his luck, normal (if criminal) guy. Scott Lang played by the ever dependable Paul Rudd, a self-confessed cat-burglar comes across an opportunity which puts him in the path of the Ant-Man suit and its creator Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) as well as his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lily). They may be unusual powers, being able to shrink and control ants with his mind (and a nifty gadget) but they prove to be extremely affective. Scott’s out to prove he’s a good guy and get his daughter back, while the Pym’s have plans that Scott seems perfect for.

My personal expectation of this one was to bring some of the old comic-book charm back to the big screen, add in more of the comedy and less of the dark, evil elements were so often given these days. Does it succeed in this expectation? Well its not 100% there but it’s a major step in the right direction. A lot of help with this comes from the rightly praised Michael Peña, the highly hilarious Peña playing Luis a fellow criminal friend of Scott who holds the key to most of the laughs in the film, and would be much worse off without him. While Corey Stoll plays our resident villain, Yellow Jacket A.K.A Darren Cross, who wants to steal the Ant-Man formula and use it for monetary gain, your basic obnoxious businessman who will go that step too far to make a big profit. Then there’s Bobby Cannavale and Judy Greer as Scott’s ex-wife and new boyfriend, who frankly don’t add a tonne to the film although they have their place as well as some Marvel favourites making an appearance, which I won’t name as though some of them might be already known, keeping as much of it a surprise is always more enjoyable and it’s a pretty difficult thing to do these days.

Altogether it’s a good mix of people, not an extraordinary one but decent, no-one jumps out as being out of place and no-one gives you that “wow they were made to play that character” reaction, though Rudd would be the one to come closest. It’s a good film, and I’m sufficiently impressed with it as a whole, with some really great scenes and visual effects. I would definitely reccommend it to any super-hero lover or just in general, I would definitely be interested to see more of how the Ant-Man could fit into the Marvel universe that already exists but speaking just of this one, its a good, fun exciting film.

Verdict: 8/10

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