Review: Appointment in London

Directed by Philip Leacock and written by John Wooldridge and Robert Westerby, Wing Commander Tim Mason leads a squadron of Lancaster bombers on almost nightly raids from England. Having flown eighty-seven missions, he will shortly be retiring from flying, but the strain is showing. With losses mounting and several raids being seen as failures, members of his crew are thinking that there must be a jinx at work. Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Ian Hunter, Dinah Sheridan, Bryan Forbes, Walter Fitzgerald, Bill Kerr, William Sylvester, Anne Leon and Charles Victor.

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Review: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (4K Restoration)

Written and directed by Luis Buñuel, a surreal, virtually plotless series of dreams centred around six middle-class people and their consistently interrupted attempts to have a meal together. Starring: Fernando Rey, Paul Frankeur, Delphine Seyrig, Bulle Ogier, Stéphane Audran, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Julien Bertheau and Milena Vukotic.

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Review: Girls’ School

Directed by Lee Mi-Mi and written by Chiu Hsui-chuan, Chih-Ting and Chia-Lin, two students at a girls’ high school, have been close friends for years. But their relationship comes under intense scrutiny when their classmates start a rumour that they’re a lesbian couple. Starring: Tien Niu, Shen Yan, Chou Dan-Wei and Chin Han.

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Review: I Am a Camera

Directed by Henry Cornelius and written by John Collier, Berlin, the 1930s, a young English writer arrives in the city and takes to sharing a flat with vivacious nightclub singer Sally Bowles. Together they experience the mad swirl of bohemian life and dream of the successes that will be theirs in the future. Starring: Julie Harris, Laurence Harvey, Shelley Winters, Ron Randell, Lea Seidl, Anton Diffring and Ina De La Haye.

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Review: Innocents in Paris

Directed by Gordon Parry and written by Anatole de Grunwald, following a group of British tourists on a weekend trip to Paris, an English diplomat (Alastair Sim) is on a working trip, a Royal Marine bandsman (Ronald Shiner) has a night out on the tiles, a young woman (Claire Bloom) is wined and dined by an older Parisian man (Claude Dauphin). An amateur artist (Margaret Rutherford) searches out fellow painters on the Left Bank, a hearty Englishman (Jimmy Edwards) spends the entire weekend in an English-style pub and a Scottish veteran (James Copeland) finds love with a young French woman. Also starring: Peter Illing, Gaby Bruyere and Monique Gerard.

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Review: The Silent Enemy

Written and directed by William Fairchild, during WW2, Italian Navy divers use underwater chariots to mine the keels of British warships, forcing the British to send underwater demolition expert Lionel Crabbe and his team to counter these enemy actions. Starring: Laurence Harvey, Dawn Addams, Michael Craig, John Clements, Sidney James, Alec McCowen and Nigel Stock.

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