Review: Fancy a Redo?

Directed by Gurjant Singh and written by Omar Parvaz, after an awkward first date, two unlikely souls give each other a second chance after an evening of exchanging worst first date stories. Starring: Viraj Juneja, Parvinder Shergill, Adris Tariq, Naythan Russell, Pamm Kaur and Mustafa Ait Yidir.

In this day and age, we’re all too aware how awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing a first date can be, so it’s always going to be prime territory to tap into for a fun, relatable subject. Which is exactly what Fancy a Redo? does, it recreates those perfectly cringeworthy memories that we can all sympathise with. The tone is charming and funny, there’s an endearing quality to the fact that it doesn’t try to make an immediately perfect match between its leading characters, making it more everyday. It’s something that a lot of romantic comedies get wrong, they’re so busy trying to make fanciful, entertaining situations that it stops feeling real, whereas Omar Parvaz does well to exaggerate things enough without crossing that line.

Part of why it works so well is the energy the actors bring to the table, Viraj Juneja and Parvinder Shergill have a nicely nervous, cute energy to them. They have a great chemistry, another element that feels natural, as well as creating a decent amount of honesty to the way it’s delivered. Adding some nice awkwardness and clumsiness, that any relationship at its very beginning will have. Juneja adds a playfulness, that classic blend of ego and panic in trying to impress. Shergill brings a solid confidence and assuredness to Erim. There’s then a good ensemble behind them to press on that exaggerated note and help to build on that chemistry and connection.

Gurjant Singh, who’s also Fancy a Redo?’s cinematographer, creates a tone, pacing and atmosphere that fits perfectly with those different elements. It’s dramatic but not over the top, it’s funny but not falling over itself, it’s cute but not too cheesy. It has a good dose of colour to it, especially considering that a large chunk is simply a conversation in a car. That adds a nice smoothness to it and touch of personality to the aesthetic. Leaning into that charming energy, creating a stylistic edge to bring through a little bit of drama and cheesiness without pulling too far away from that organic feel.

Fancy a Redo? dials into the awkwardness of first dates, both in how terrible they can be and the nervous, clumsy the road to that initial connection. It’s sweet, short, funny and relatable, it creates a story that’s silly but not over the top, adding a touch of the cheesy but never pushing it too far. Viraj Juneja and Parvinder Shergill have a genuine connection which is charming to watch unfold. The style has the edge of a comedy sketch but keeps its feet well enough on the ground to hold onto a natural, endearing atmosphere.

Verdict: ✯✯✯✯ | 8/10

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