Review: Meat Market

Directed by Will Kenning and written by Andrew Lynch, a mysterious burger bar attracts men with an insatiable hunger for women. Starring: Elizabeth Guterbock, Paul F. Taylor, Sadie Clark, Tegan Cecil and Joel Samuels.

Making a short film that runs at just a singular minute is always an interesting challenge, especially in comedy but Kenning and Lynch rose to that challenge well. It’s such a quick turnaround to make a tangible impression but the story here is clear within seconds, even with no prior knowledge. It’s relevant, sharp, witty and perfectly violent. It’s a simple but incredibly effective story which is satisfying to watch.

The impact of its story is undoubtedly heightened by Will Kenning’s direction and Bojan Brbora’s cinematography. Its use of colour is vibrant but in a way that emphasises the darkness and edge to the story. It moves extremely well with an almost suave quality to its energy, supported by the performance from Elizabeth Guterbock, who exudes a wonderful confidence.

Guterbock brings a classic femme fatale feel, her look gets across her dangerous side before it’s truly revealed. There’s a sly smile inspired by the knowledge of how well she can play this game of predator and prey. She punctuates the story’s sharpness, serving out what could possibly be considered the ultimate ironic punishment.

Meat Market is slick, smart and satisfying, it uses its intensely brief runtime incredibly well. It’s a highly relevant concept which is simple, effective and sharp. Even more so when matched with its strong direction and cinematography, which bring out its fantastically dark atmosphere.

Verdict: ✯✯✯✯ ½ | 9/10

Reviewed as part of Exit 6 Film Festival –
Soon to be showing at Norwich Film Festival 2021

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