Review: #PrincessProblems

Directed by Maritza Gomez and written by lead actress Brittney Lee Hamilton, in the strenuous world of children’s birthday party entertainment, an overly positive “princess” must prove to a practical writer that she is a good role model for young girls. Also starring: Shyrley Rodriguez, Amy Russ and Alice Rayner.

The overall idea and concept of this film does bring forth a very relevant and interesting point of role models for young women in a modern world and what role princesses play in helping or hindering progress and positive attitudes. There will be many who are worried about the impression that’s given with stories that so often have old fashioned or arguably toxic lessons about requiring the help of men and women being pitted against one another. The writing approaches that conversation through the perspective of a group of young girls and how they’re influenced by what they see and hear in the world and how that’s affected by such easy access to the internet. It’s a more natural, slightly parodical, easy-going view of the subject which allows for the comedy to come through smoothly and spontaneously, avoiding feeling forced.

Choosing to have its central character be so very perky and committed to her role as a princess, and the positive message and impact that they can have is a great choice, especially adding in a note of how difficult it is to stay positive in today’s world. Hamilton fills the role extremely well, especially with the constant attempts her character makes to perfect herself, to present the best version. She has a perfect blend of nervous and cheerful energy that makes her sympathetic yet slightly offbeat with a touch of manic.

The direction strikes a tone that would almost befit a pantomime, it’s very playful but at the same time it isn’t hitting too juvenile of a note, it stays in the realm of entertainment aimed at an older audience. The choice to style it as a mockumentary befits the candid nature that it’s going for, it nicely allows for that humour to come through from children’s typically awkward and blunt reactions.

#PrincessProblems poses the extremely relevant question of role models for young girls and how important it is to be sending the right message at such a vulnerable age. It strikes a naturally funny tone with just the right amount of awkwardness. It feels like the beginnings of something, there’s more to be fleshed out but its concept has potential.

Verdict: ✯✯✯ | 6/10

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