Review: Some Love From Above

Written and directed by James Ristas, Angela is a sheltered young woman who pines for a dim-witted lawnmower man named Clint, the only thing standing in the way is her psychotic uncle. All of this is being observed by a visitor from the stars, but is this creature here to set Angela free? Or will she just wind up another jealously guarded possession? Starring: Stacie Seidl, Scott Nadeau, Dan Greenleaf, Matthew Bendis and Kevin Geezil.

It’s fair to say that Angela (Seidl) is fairly strange, her restrictive lifestyle gives her limited social interaction and it’s very much reflected in her personality, so it’s only to be expected that she quickly falls for the one man in her life that isn’t her abusive uncle. Quickly establishing a relationship with gardener Clint (Nadeau), her mood and general outlook on life rapidly increase but while she’s busy trying to tie the knot, there’s more at play than she realises.

There isn’t particularly an element of this film that will sit within your normal expectations, it’s an oddity that has a few surprises in store because the tone that it quickly sets, is one where anything could happen. Adding religious themes to a film that includes aliens is a tricky line to walk, added to that odd tone and a score that tops everything with a cult style vibe, makes for far from smooth viewing. It’s almost like taking a film akin to Children of the Corn then making it way more offbeat, unusual and with terrible fashion sense and a lack of personal grooming. However, one of the more intriguing points would be that, if anything, the tone does accurately reflect the sheer desperation of Angela.

The performances from its handful of actors are exactly what you’d expect from a film of this style, they’re slightly exaggerated and mostly physical with its limited dialogue, which makes them slightly hard to judge. They do serve their purpose and fit well with the rest of the tone that the film has set but they might have worked better in a stronger comedic setting, the humour is there but feels almost unintentional, as if its going for a sci-fi, romance and the rest is incidental. Also, even though that religious tone is there and you can see a couple of the inclusions to the story being parables, it isn’t strong enough to actually have something to say, instead it battles with the other aspects of the film.

Some Love From Above has some surprises in store, an 80’s cult style vibe and is undoubtedly unique but it doesn’t hit any strong notes. The comedy is lacklustre and gets lost amongst its overpowering offbeat style, there’s a lot going on and it ends up feeling too busy. If it had used a little more restraint to give its story more space to breathe, it could have been something quirky and funny but it has trouble taking its foot off the gas and things end up messy.

Verdict: ✯✯

Available to watch now on YouTube

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