Review: Raiders of the Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll

An independent movie director (Angel Connell) in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign fends off a variety of malevolent individuals who seek to steal his ultimate crowdfunding perk – a Donald Trump fetish doll. Written and directed by Angel Connell who plays himself in the film, also starring: Paul Taft, Kermens Atwood, Corey Wells, Sissy O’Hara, David R. Reid, Natalia Musatova, Eric L. Huston.

Taking a shot at Donald Trump is hardly a rare strand of comedy, it existed well before his presidential run and win, and it certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and it works cause he’s an easy man to make fun of. However, the comedy goes very easily for Trump’s main allies and opponents, it barely scratches the surface and plays it simple and safe, which doesn’t entirely pay off.  

The black and white set-up of the film feels unnecessary, it doesn’t really add anything and isn’t clear enough with the rest of the film’s style as to why it was chosen. The choice for the writer, director to be playing a version of himself in the film was a little odd, it easily could have been changed to a fictional character and it would have potentially been smoother viewing, the use of himself as a character feels confusing and a little out of place, this is usually something that only works effectively with famous personalities. 

Things quickly get slightly claustrophobic, there’s a lot of characters in a small space and it restricts them from giving larger performances with the comedy, so they’re limited in how much of an impression they can make, as well as being a little wooden. The Clinton jokes in particular feel very on the nose, a typical shot at feminism which is disappointing, it’s missing a sharper edge, with a set-up such as this, you’d expect something more biting or quick-witted to really hit the comedic notes.

In the end, the film ironically comes across as a strange kind of ad campaign, becoming the thing it was trying to parody, which is fairly unusual. The choice of title and story are attention-grabbing but there simply isn’t enough space or sharpness for this to make a strong impression.

Verdict: ✯✯

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