Review: Ready or Not

You’re the happiest you’ve ever been, you’ve just married the love of your life and joined an incredibly wealthy family, but there’s one catch: at midnight they’re going to hunt you down and if you want to live, you have to stay hidden until daybreak. It’s not exactly a wedding night that most people dream of, unless it’s a nightmare but Grace (Samara Weaving) will have to play the hand she’s dealt.

Simply the still of Samara Weaving in her intricate wedding dress, holding a big ass rifle and a bandolier of bullets strapped across her chest is iconic, is it really possible to see that image and not want to find out what happens in this film? The Aussie actress may not be recognised by every viewer, she’s appeared in a variety of supporting roles, as well as leading the Netflix series The Babysitter but this film will certainly make a name for herself. It’s hard not to watch the film and put yourself in Grace’s shoes, you’re rooting every second for her to get the rich, crazy bastards that are trying to kill her. Weaving holds your attention brilliantly, her performance is spot on and she’s seamless throughout, the rest of the cast’s performances are great but you’re not going to leave this film thinking of much other than her portrayal of Grace and her fighting tooth and nail against the rest.

Horror and comedy are a match made in heaven, it can’t be denied that most viewers love a dose of violence to darken things but when that goes hand in hand with humour to keep things light, it can be a perfect blend of entertainment. It’s difficult to think of a similar film in recent years, you could potentially place it somewhere around Get Out and The Visit but we’ve gotten to a point where the majority of horror can’t particularly surprise audiences, they can make you jump but they struggle to give you something that feels new or different, Ready or Not is delightfully an exception to that. It feels fresh and exciting, it draws you in exceptionally well and there’s no lull in sight, the story progresses at an ideal rate to keep you invested in the story and there’s plenty of action to keep things interesting. Even the butler’s involvement gets you pulled in further, but as you can see from the trailer, the house staff don’t always get the best treatment in this film.

The violence is just enough gore to be give it that scare factor, instead of trying too hard to make you feel like you want to be sick but it’s more the comedy and Weaving’s brilliant heroine that shine here. The horror element amplifies what’s going on but the real success of the film is that it’s fun, pure and simple; we have plenty of films these days that are successful because they’re impacting and meaningful or inspiring stories but what we need now is some good old fashioned entertainment and you get a heavy dose of that with Ready or Not. It’s relentlessly enjoyable and very funny.

Finally a film that lives up to the expectation its trailer set, there’s not an ounce of disappointment coming from this one. Samara Weaving is definitely an actress to watch what she does next and even though she stands out by far, the film is a fantastic team effort from everyone involved; the direction, writing, cinematography, acting, effects and more, all work together so well. It’s a rare thing to find a film that feels different or even the slightest bit unique but Ready or Not is a breath of fresh air.

Verdict: ✯✯✯✯

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