Review: Ouija Sex

You can probably guess as soon as you read the title where this film is going but for anyone unsure: when a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat. Directed by Mondo Ghulam, written by Leander Thom and starring: David Anderson, Clare Almond, Cyril Cotterell, Laura Evelyn, Angela Peters, David Sayers, and Sarit Wilson Chen.

The film’s title really does hit the nail on the head, it brings a whole new meaning to long distance relationships and a very odd variety of phone sex. It’s a little strange and awkward, in an endearing way because the comedy is solid, you know what you’re getting but it doesn’t feel stale. The style feels a little like the duo of filmmakers, Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, quirky, offbeat and maybe even a tad uncomfortable.

Doing what it says on the tin means there aren’t many surprises in store, which isn’t necessarily negative but it does limit the opportunity to push things further, although with a five minute run time that would have been a tough ask regardless. It’s a basic set-up, single camera and one location, taking place in real time, which is the right choice to not distract from the comedy.

Anderson holds the lead well, he’s just awkward enough without it diving whole hog into cringe-worthy territory, which is genuinely impressive, it manages to toe that line so carefully; the rest of the cast similarly hit just the right tone. There are several moments where the film could have pushed that boundary and gone the way of Sausage Party but it’s more effective that they didn’t, to go that far would have added slight shock and thrown off the tone.

Ouija Sex is quirky, funny and well worth watching.  

Verdict: 6/10 | ✯✯✯

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