Review: Baghead

Directed by Alberto Corredor and written by Lorcan Reilly, Kevin (Oliver Walker) is in search of answers but as he can only get them from a dead person, he decides to go to extreme measures, finding himself in a rundown pub being led to a storage room and confronted by Baghead, a shape-shifter who can channel the dead. The synopsis may sound slightly outlandish, the supernatural element may sound like something you’d find in a straight to DVD horror flick, ignore that because it is neither.

Baghead, posterHaving an unanswered question at the time of a loved one’s death must only be a torturous experience, entirely denied of closure and in Kevin’s case it leads to an extraordinary solution. The location choice simultaneously gives off a sinister vibe while retaining an air of an atmospheric pub that you’d want to visit, even if it was haunted; it’s perfectly chosen and a brilliant visual compliment to the story. The appearance of Baghead (Pat Boothman) may put some hesitancy on planning a visit, who takes the so far quietly disturbing aura and turns up the volume to eleven; a creature that’s somewhere between The Strangers and Del Toro’s Pale Man, which is intended as a compliment. The character is simple, you get what it says on the tin but supported by well done special effects and make-up, it makes for a startling supernatural presence.

With only a 15-minute run time, that alone would be sufficient for a successful short film but it’s accompanied by a brilliant script, kicking things further up a notch and making for a very satisfying watch. The film has a darkly comedic edge to its ghostly story, heavily flirting with a darkness that manages to recede before anything turns grim and heavy.


It isn’t often you find a short film that combines every element of the process so succinctly, giving an entertaining story while being backed up by strong technical skills, elevating the whole thing but Baghead achieves that and makes it look fairly effortless. It’s sharp and satisfying with a perfect dose of horror, in an extremely well made film that is a fantastic example of having a superb team.

Verdict: 9/10 |  ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

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