Review: My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence

Written by, directed by and starring Victoria Muldoon, this short film follows Tiger, who wants to work but just can’t do what other people tell her to do. Her job search brings her to Tom’s career advice session. Together they decide to seize the day and do something they love. Also starring: Freddie Hogan.

It’s quite possible that this film has created what may be one of my favourite lines, “You can’t talk to men who are using your fence to barbecue a badger”, and that is the best example of the quick and off the wall writing that this film has to offer. The set up of the film is simple and leaves no room to distract from the utterly quirky dialogue. The writing so nonchalantly throws in lines that make you laugh and be surprised at the same time.

Perhaps the most surprising element is creating a positive interaction between a character you could reasonably call a hipster academic and a typical 21st century male obsessed with image (and his Mercedes), which is certainly not something you see everyday. It may at times feel a little stiff but it does no harm to the film, as its peculiar charm more than makes up for it.

In an era where the majority of major comedy feels like it’s trying to get a laugh by shoving itself down your throat, a film that manages to do so by being unexpected, is much to be appreciated. Comedy that manages to surprise is rare on the ground these days but the lines of My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence clearly come from an active imagination and it’s very enjoyable to see occur before your eyes. The setup may be simple but in its short run time it manages several genuine laughs and is a memorable 5-minutes.

Verdict: 7.5/10

The film recently screened at GRRL HAUS CINEMA in Berlin, The Film Bunch in London and the Broad Humor Film Festival in Los Angles. It’s now available to view for free below – Enjoy!

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