Review: Imposter

Written and Directed by Chris Esper, this short film is a silent drama tackling the inner struggles of suffering from anxiety. Starring: Tom Mariano, Brendan Meehan, Sheetal Kelkar, Jamie Braddy, William DeCoff, Adam Masnyk. Esper also directed The Deja Vuers and Undatement Centre.

It seems improbable that there’s a single person alive that hasn’t experienced anxiety at some point, whether it’s about a job, a relationship or simply daily life. That struggle is something that isn’t always visible, it’s bubbling beneath the surface while that person does their best to put on a brave face, Imposter is a visual representation of that inner fight.

Our fears and worries manifest in completely individual ways, there’s no one way to experience them and this film takes that concept and uses it to present you with each character being accompanied by a physical representation of their anxiety. It plays well on the natural curiosity towards what is going on inside other people’s heads. There are times where the metaphor feels as though it’s being laid on a little thick and it could use a tad more subtlety. The final scene of the film feels like an example of that, being somewhat unsubtle but with one certain plot point being distinctly American, it’s highly likely that moment in particular would be viewed quite differently to audiences depending on their home country.

Ignoring that, the film has a permeating sadness and loneliness, the anxiety we know these characters are feeling, comes across incredibly strongly, to the point of feeling anxious watching yourself.

Imposter is an emotional film verging on heartbreaking and touches on an issue that should certainly be further represented on the screen. Well worth a watch.

Verdict: 7/10

Check out the trailer below!


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