Review: I Feel

Directed by Steve Blackwood and co-written with Karen Blackwood. A mockumentary about a couples therapy session gone wrong, starring: Elle Matarazzo, Jeremy Labrie, Marty Smith, Marybeth Paul, Douglas Balakovich and Kevin Haley.

A short and simple plot, no pun intended. Mockumentary can be a fantastic style to make a film in; whether it’s What We Do in the Shadows, Troll Hunters or A Hard Day’s Night, they inevitably involve hilarity and exaggeration. Undoubtedly in that case, it’s what you also get with I Feel, the comedy is not as consistent as it could be, there are high points and low points; the high points coming from Marty Smith’s Dr. Talbert. The character is delightfully out of place and unqualified as a couples therapist which is exactly why she’s perfect. Smith plays her with a great indecisive, flighty quality which is fun to watch.

The couples however, are somewhat less convincing but considering their likely fates as the film progresses, this isn’t entirely a problem. More of a problem is the music that accompanies the visual, you couldn’t quite go as far as to say elevator music, but it is playing at a beat and style that feels decidedly out of place and somewhat distracting to the style the film is aiming for, which is slightly disappointing.

Overall, the film has a slight quality of predictability and would benefit from a sharper tongue, to give the comedy a bit of a more modern edge but is worth the watch, mostly for Smith’s utterly incompetent but perfectly imperfect therapist.

Verdict: 6.5/10


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