Review: Transience

Written and directed by Tan See Yun, the story of Tom and George; a couple who have been together for a long time but have finally reached a point they can’t go past. While George is moving forward in his life, Tom is reluctant to give up the behaviour of a younger man, will he be able to change or is this the end? Starring Timothy J. Cox and Joshua Michael Payne.

There are obvious choices made for the film that you will notice immediately, namely that the film is in black and white, and silent. These are significant choices in a world of technological advancement in cinema, reverting back to a simpler time in film and physically limiting yourself but is it a good choice? Yes, the story that the writer, director has chosen to tell is a suitable fit for those two styles, it’s telling a classic tale of relationships, in the most simple, pure form; forcing the audience to focus on the characters and not anything else.

For a story like this, in the chosen format, it relies solely on the actors because this is going to be their tale with nowhere to hide; fortunately, Cox and Payne do manage to rise to the task and give convincing performances. The level of emotion the film reaches, is not quite as deep nor effective as you’d expect but that’s a difficult task, to create an audience connection with the characters in such a short amount of time with no background or context, a too difficult task in this case, unfortunately. The film is full of simple, humble choices from removing dialogue to editing to directing, not straying from close shots to focus on the faces of the actors; it’s effective for the story but unoriginal.

Overall, the film gives a good story with a classic style but misses out on a deeper, emotional meaning. It is, regardless worth watching but it won’t give audiences anything they haven’t seen before.

Verdict: 6/10

You can watch for free Transience by clicking here

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