Review: No Goodbye

A short film written and directed by Ludo Vici, starring Sandra Steffl and Thomas Peters. A film that doesn’t require a summary or introduction, just a single sentence: one day, you are forced to look in the mirror.

The film begins with the very end of a performance: classic, burlesque and grand, with an immediate sense of mystery emanating from the choice of score, shot and focus before things move to the dressing room. As our lead (Steffl) is joined by an unknown man (Peters), matters only get more mysterious, it raises a number of questions which all pull your attention even closer.  This is accentuated even more with the personal and intimate nature of how the film is shot, always remaining close up and never allowing too much space or distance.

There’s also an elegant simplicity to the film, the dialogue isn’t excessive or loud, it’s soft and refined, during which Steffl demonstrates a number of different emotions: confidence, impatience, flirtation, insecurity, vulnerability, worry, fear, regret, to name a few. As well as being intriguing and well executed on the acting and story aspects of the film, it’s also visually impressive with sharp images that always keep the focus on the characters, again it refrains from being excessive or trying too hard, giving it a great style. All supported by a wonderful score, perfectly encapsulating each change in emotion, keeping the audience aware of how the leading lady is feeling for the entire film.

You can feel the time and effort that have gone into making the film and it’s definitely reflected in its high quality. It’s full of mystery and intrigue, and allows itself to have a deeper meaning without having to overtly express it. No Goodbye is full of style, elegance and overall is a brilliantly made short film.

Verdict: 9/10

Find out for yourself by watching No Goodbye right now:

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