Review: Gary from Accounting

Directed by Daniel Lofaso and written by Phoebe Torres; when Hannah (Thea McCartan) organises an intervention for her alcoholic husband Nathan (Timothy J. Cox), though she intends to invite his best friend Gary, accidentally invites Gary from accounting (Mark Grenier), as things get emotional, they only get more awkward for Gary.

Things begin on an odd note, with Gary letting himself in and making himself at home on the couch while removing his shoes, without anyone being aware he’s even arrived but it well sets the tone for what’s about to happen. The awkwardness doesn’t take it slow, it jumps right in, helped by the direction choices of positioning the camera to put the audience in a place as a member of the intervention, making you feel hesitant toward what you’re watching, unknowing how anyone might react at any time. As resident alcoholic, Nathan (Cox) arrives there’s a strange atmosphere, the film is of course billed as a comedy but edge of seriousness thrown in makes it feel more unique. There are a few slight clichés thrown in but given the style of the film, it doesn’t really require a more detailed or distinctive background.

Cox and Grenier both give great performances, acting off of each other in a way that goes through different emotions one after another and walks an unusual line of being almost aggressive yet almost ridiculous, which is fun to watch. The slight pinch of seriousness does make the ending sweeter, it’s a perfect way to round it up and although it is very funny, it’s ironically probably not that unrealistic in today’s world, it feels especially relevant considering the young age of writer, Torres.

Verdict: 7.5/10

But you can make your own verdict by watching Gary from Accounting, available for free on YouTube:

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