Review: Mallas, MA

The second short film from director Sean Meehan to be reviewed here at Film Carnage (first being the wonderful Total Performance:, this time we follow two bumbling con artists trying to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators. Starring: Timothy J. Cox, Maria Natapov, Eddie Nason, Robyn Kaan and Andrea Sweeney.

The premise and set up is difficult not to enjoy, it’s opening sequence almost reminiscent of the underrated 1996 film The Frighteners starring Michael J. Fox, an air of horror but a clear comedic tone. Cox and Natapov make a great team, cynical and conniving but in a loveable sitcom manner, it’s something you’d want to see transferred into a series. Of course it isn’t entirely subtle at moments but it does still have more to offer, especially with some great editing work that adds more mystery to the comedy.

There’s also great production value, using the surroundings to the most they have to offer adds a lot to the film visually and quite cleverly then requires fairly little else to be added other than the actors. The film doesn’t try to push too far, it sticks to more simple choices that add a genuine quality, as the humour makes way for something more meaningful, Cox gets a chance to take the lead and doesn’t disappoint, escorting out the film in a way that feels like a satisfying conclusion.

With some interesting turns and a result that’s not entirely unpredictable and yet not predictable, it’s simply short and sweet. It’s 7 minutes well spent to put it simply and another example of why Sean Meehan has a lot to offer.

Verdict: 7/10

Click here to watch Mallas, MA and make your own verdict:


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