Review: Choosing Sides

A 2013 short film, written by Yael Green and directed by Lee Loechler: a dinner conversation turns sour when the topic turns to religion, will 12 year old Mikey chose to be Catholic like his father or Jewish like his mother? Starring: Timothy J. Cox, Rachel Lynn Jackson and Max Abe Plush.

Starting out, you can immediately feel the awkward tension arising from two parents, of course having an argument with each other but one that can only be won by manipulating their child and despite the awkwardness it’s trying to purvey, it is a perfectly comfortable viewing experience. Of course religion is the significant theme in the film but dark humour is it’s partner, running throughout the film and being genuinely funny and clever, giving the characters a sharp tongue and creating a back and forth dialogue that’s quick and a pleasure to watch.

Helped more so by the perfectly suited resentful, stubborn and contemptuous acting provided by Cox and Jackson, giving us a typical argumentative couple but with a slightly more satirical twist. Adding to which that this is an absolutely convincing family, something which may not be unattainable but it’s also not a given in film these days. Every aspect combined just gives the film an incredible personality that’s a lot of fun to watch, it’s realistically a simple concept but it’s executed exceptionally well.

There are many ways in which short film can be a limitation but there are also a lot of advantages and this film strongly flirts with the latter of those two. The writing is extremely good and hilarious, while the direction and editing perfectly allow that dialogue to be accentuated in an apt way.

Verdict: 8/10

It’s a short and sharp five minute film that you’ve no excuse for not watching because it’s ready available to view on Vimeo right here:

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