Review: Simple Mind (2012)

Written and directed by Phil Newsom, following one man who, through therapy, discovers more about himself and his life than he ever imagined. A 7 minute thriller starring Timothy J. Cox and Kristi McCarson.

As we’re introduced to our leading man Bob, played by Cox, running down the street without knowing where from, to or why, you immediately know to be wary of the situation, even more so when Bob begins to talk about his feelings for Samantha. Yet as the focus shifts to Samantha it feels almost optimistic and hopeful, very nicely creating intrigue as to whether things could possibly be okay or whether it’s going to go horribly wrong and it will keep you guessing to the end.

Cox as Bob gives a disturbing calmness, there’s an obsessive or even sociopathic tone to his voice as he narrates his story and keeping all the emotion underneath the surface builds a great tension. As the film progresses there’s a lot of different choices with the camera work and it feels like a good connection for the story as it switches from Bob to Samantha, showing the huge differences that can arise depending on the perspective: is it real? Mutual? Is it stalking? Is it misguided attention? A whole host of questions, that are immediately answered and with no spoilers, in a rewarding way.

The film feels like a mix of styles, almost documentary at points to the air of a classic revenge picture, which is interesting to watch. There’s a lot packed into those 7 minutes, a well put together story, you may think you know where it’s headed but it has some surprises for you.

Verdict: 7.5/10

It’s also available for you to enjoy right now on YouTube :

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