Review: Something Blue

Time to take another foray into short film, something which hopefully will become a regular occurrence here at Film Carnage. In this instance, the story of husband and wife and the dismantling of their marriage, started by one seemingly innocent conversation. Written and directed by Joseph Johnson.

Key elements to the story, disillusionment, resentment and sadness are clearly portrayed in this realistic representation of the struggles of a long marriage; Pippa Winslow and Ric Law act in such a way that’s understated which makes those feelings abundantly clear. The incredibly strained encounter between the characters strongly purveys the emotions of being trapped, whether it’s because of time passing, feelings fading or deeper changes; as soon as Law takes one long look straight into the camera, you can immediately feel the desperation for things to change.

The film’s realism is a strong advantage, the setting and pace of the conversation feel perfectly natural; you know that unfortunately right now, somewhere there’s two people having an almost identical conversation. There’s definitely more to the story that you can’t see, it feels like there’s a lot of possibility and reasons that are implied by what’s being said but left entirely up to your imagination. Using a singular, closely shot setting evokes even more the sense of being trapped and struggling, it pushes you right into the tension between the characters; it’s a simple but effective choice, emphasised by a well chosen score.

Overall, Something Blue manages to capture the emotions that you’re looking for as an audience and the realistic tone elicits a strong reaction of sadness, the disillusionment of the characters manages to extend past the screen. It’s a melancholic portrayal of the struggles of an unhappy marriage, filmed in such a way that reflects that visually as well as through its actors.

Verdict: 7.5/10

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