Review: Spy

As most people will know by now, the basics are that we have a member of the CIA who has spent all her time behind a desk giving instructions to the people out in the field, once the covers of all those in the field are blown they need someone unknown to step up and take over which requires Susan Carter (Melissa McCarthy) to stop hiding behind her computer; and of course hilarious behaviour is awaiting her. McCarthy is taking the place of fellow agents, Bradley Fine (Jude Law), Rick Ford (Jason Statham) and Karen Walker (Morena Baccarin) on the orders of her boss played by Allison Janney. Her mission is to follow and report on villainess Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) as she attempts to sell a nuclear bomb she got off her dad, as one does.

It’s a film that goes against the normal tradition of having a man at the helm of a film filled with action; it’s something that I can wholly get behind and can hope is an occurrence that will continue. As it’s fairly obvious these days, action films sell, comedy sells so to put the two together seemed really only logical and was set to be a hit…it was; making $29 million in its opening weekend just in the US. The film is funny, it has great action sequences and the plot was neither incomplete nor ridiculously complicated as can be the pitfalls of a lot of action films; all the actors do their job fantastically and personally to see Miranda Hart doing her thing on the big screen was a great moment. Law plays the suave Bond type (minus the unforgivable American accent which I’m still unsure of whether it’s a joke), Statham is on point with his portrayal of a ridiculous agent thinking he’s a hero but actually somewhat of a bull in a china shop who helps nothing, altogether not completely different from what we’ve seen before but different enough to be genuinely funny. Byrne is a different story, although she has many of the great one-liners the film has to offer, her character feels somewhat incomplete and falls a little flat. She may throw out some great insults, mostly aimed at McCarthy, but that’s about all she does and is really quite pathetic putting that aside. For the director of Bridesmaids and upcoming all-female Ghostbusters I definitely expected for the role to be a little better developed rather than simply a rude Russian brat.

It’s a good film and has some great laughs but I can’t help feeling that there’s just something missing. That grabbing factor that pulls you into being a fan and doesn’t let go until you’ve watched that final “one too many” sequel and given up. I enjoyed the film but there was nothing to make me really hope for a sequel other than that it was something a little fresh and different, and perhaps the partnership on screen between McCarthy and Hart. It’s worth the watch but there’s room for it to be even better.

Verdict: 6/10

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