Review: Harold & Mary

Written and directed by Stephen Gallacher, Harold and Mary are in their fiftieth year of marriage, unfortunately the cracks in their relationship start to show as a disease takes hold of Harold and tests the very foundations of their love. Starring: Phyllis Logan, Dermot Crowley, Maddie Rice, Simon Manyonda, Gracy Goldman and Jordan Dawes.

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Review: The Awakening of Lilith

Written and directed by Steven Adam Renkovish, a woman finds herself in the midst of a dark mystery after the unexplained loss of a loved one, her mind begins to unravel as her sense of reality begins to slip away. Starring: Brittany Renée, Justin Livingston, Tiffany Majors Doby, Rachel Sims Jackson, Christiana Wilson, Jessie Roberts and Mary Miles Kokotek.

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Review: Upstate Story

Written and directed by lead actor Shaun Rose, co-written by Bruce Rose Sr. and Andrea Stangle, Ellis Martin (Rose) works for a cleaning service and continues to seek new employment, but to no avail. He yearns for the innocence and ease of his past, while also anticipating his weekends, however, getting to this point is no easy task. Also starring: Kendra Mosher, Adrianna Rose and Keenan Rose.

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Review: Do This For Me

Directed by Marnie Baxter and written by star April Kelley, maintaining friendships in your twenties is tricky, juggling careers, romance and the dread of turning 30. Lex, Gracie, Beca, Kat, and Joy reunite to pay tribute to a friend, tensions quickly rise as tipsy turns to drunk and grief takes hold of those left behind. Also starring: Taj Atwal, Sara Huxley, Tilly Keeper and Adelle Leonce.

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