Review: Jimmy in Saigon

Written and directed by Peter McDowell, a man embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind his brother’s mysterious death. Frustrated by the secrecy – and possible shame – of his parents and desperate to uncover the mysteries surrounding both Jimmy’s life and his death, Peter ventures on a quest for the truth.

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Review: Boulevard! A Hollywood Story

Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, two young songwriters and romantic partners, Dickson Hughes and Richard Stapley, find themselves caught in movie star Gloria Swanson‘s web when she hires them to write a musical version of “Sunset Boulevard”.

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Review: Framing Agnes

Written and directed by Chase Joynt, co-written by Morgan M. Page, after discovering case files from the UCLA gender clinic from the 1950s, a group of trans actors confronts the legacy of young trans women being forced to choose between honesty and access. Starring: Angelica Ross, Zackary Drucker, Jen Richards, Max Wolf Valerio, Silas Howard, Stephen Ira and Jules Gill-Peterson.

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