Review: Colors of Tobi

Written and directed by Alexa Bakony, co-written by Marianna Rudas, Éva and her family live in a tiny village in Hungary, her 16-year-old child recently came out as transgender and lives by his chosen name of Tobi. After the initial shock, the whole family comes together to support him. However, Éva is quietly suffocating from the idea of losing the girl she was raising. Starring: Tóbiás Benjámin Tuza, Éva Ildikó Tuza, Zoltán Tuza, Nikolett Tuza and Máté Tuza.

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Review: Boy Meets Boy

Written and directed by Daniel Sanchez Lopez and co-written by Hannah Renton, It’s Harry’s final day in Berlin, and he has been partying for the last 48 hours. Johannes offers to help Harry print his boarding pass, leading them to spend the rest of the day wandering the city streets together. Starring: Alexandros Koutsoulis and Matthew James Morrison.

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Review: Cured

Written and directed by Patrick Sammon and Bennett Singer, following the campaign that led to a pivotal yet largely unknown moment in the struggle for LGBT equality: the American Psychiatric Association’s 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. Starring: Harry Adamson, Gary Alinder, Irving Bieber, Robert Campbell, Sally Duplaix, John Fryer, Ronald Gold and Richard Socarides.

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Review: Cowboys

Written and directed by Anna Kerrigan, a troubled but well-intentioned father who has recently separated from his wife runs off with his trans son into the Montana wilderness after his ex-wife’s refusal to let their son live as his authentic self. Starring: Steve Zahn, Jillian Bell, Sasha Knight, Ann Dowd, Gary Farmer, Chris Coy, John Reynolds and Bob Stephenson.

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Review: My First Summer

Written and directed by Katie Found, Claudia has been brought up in isolation by her mother in a remote rural home miles away from the nearest town. Emotionally unequipped to cope with her mother’s suicide, Claudia hides in her ramshackle old house, her beloved dog her only company until the spirited Grace breezes into her life. Starring: Markella Kavenagh, Maiah Stewardson, Steve Mouzakis, Arthur Angel, Katherine Tonkin, Edwina Wren and Harvey Zielinski.

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Review: The Greenhouse

Written and directed by Thomas Wilson-White, grieving the death of her mother Lillian, Beth Tweedy-Bell wakes one night to find a portal to the past in the forest surrounding her family home. Swept away by visions of her idyllic upbringing with her three siblings and two loving Mums, Beth becomes mesmerized by the past, unable to see the dangers that lie ahead. Starring: Jane Watt, Joel Horwood, Camilla Ah Kin, Kirsty Marillier, Shiv Palekar, Rhondda Findleton and Harriet Gordon-Anderson.

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Review: Mama Gloria

Written and directed by Luchina Fisher, Chicago’s Black transgender icon Gloria Allen blazed a trail for trans people like few others before her. At a time when Black transgender women face escalating violence and make up the majority of transgender people murdered each year, Gloria’s story is an inspiring portrait of aging seldom seen. Born in October 1945, Gloria came of age amid the legendary drag balls on Chicago’s South Side.

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