Trailer: Free Fire

Full disclosure, I am the complete opposite of a fan of Ben Wheatley, I think he’s one of the most overrated English directors I’ve ever come across, so considering the cast is such a fantastic mix of people, I was pretty worried about this one. However, with what we can see here, it does give slight relief that this one might be a step up from some of his other work, yes his films have been revered by some critics but they can easily alienate an audience. The highest worry is not the quality but that this is (depending on Kong: Skull Island) the next Brie Larson film to hit screens after her brilliant Oscar winning performance in one of this year’s best films, Room, can she live up to that? Will the film give her a sufficient part with her being outnumbered to men approximately 15 to 1? There’s no way of knowing as of yet, but again what we can see looks like something to look forward to. Fingers crossed that this will live up to what it is appearing to be but these days it feels as though trailers are being used to trick people into cinemas before showing them a completely different type of film.

Hitting screens 31st March 2017.

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