Trailer: Rings

So it’s been a few days and it’s time to talk about this ridiculous sequel to a sequel of a remake. Leaving aside that as a general rule of horror films, the foreign originals are always better than the American remakes, the first of which made in 2002 starring Naomi Watts does to be fair have a solid 7.1/10 score on IMDB and 72% on Rotten Tomatoes but from what we can see in the trailer they’re not exactly taking a page out of their book. There is no limit to the lengths horror films will go to, how many sequels they will churn out and how low the quality can get but here they are taking a film, whose basis of horror is the anticipation of what is going to happen and…well basically a contortionist dead girl with really long hair, then turning it into something with burns, scars, peeling skin, throats clogged with hair, endless oozing blood, deformations, swarms of insects crashing planes and (possibly worst of all) Vincent D’Onofrio. Quite often the best horror films are those that realise less is more and let the audience’s imagination scare them without having to actually put it on the screen, but this is a particularly great example of going in the opposite direction and simply cramming every possible thing that may scare or disgust a person in (at a guess because there’s no official running time as of yet) 100 minutes. But nevertheless decide for yourselves by watching it below:

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